Syrian activists have uploaded this video wishing the world a happy Valentine's Day from within their country's ongoing war:

The video begins with activists releasing red balloons over what appears to be the city of Aleppo, which is also being bombarded by Syrian government forces. The messages, delivered by civilians, some of them children, declare "from Syria with love," while gently reminding that they are being sent from "amid massacres" and "amid starvation. The Bashar al-Assad regime has been accused of preventing civilians here from getting food, as well as bombing them with "barrel bombs" meant to force their submission.

The video ends, "We are a people of love living under a regime of hate."

Syrian messages of goodwill to a world that has worked so hard to ignore them are not new. Last April, when two bombers set off explosives at the Boston Marathon, killing five and injuring 280, Syrian activists posted messages of condolence and solidarity, though Syrian civilians have endured the equivalent of several Boston bombings every day for over two years. Americans reciprocated, but briefly. This will be Syria's third Valentine's Day of civil war.