Or maybe it's the case of the extra legs?

The photos circulated Tuesday of the two Iranians who got on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight showed two men with different bags, different T-shirts and the same pair of legs.

(Azhar Rahim/EPA)

The New Straits Times reports that Malaysian police said there was no purposeful doctoring of the photographs -- the photo of one man was simply placed on top of the photo of the other when they were photocopied.

"It was not done with malice or to mislead," police spokeswoman Asmawati Ahmad said.

But as my colleague Simon Denyer reported Wednesday morning from Beijing, there have been a lot of contradictory reports coming from officials about Flight 370. It's not even the first confusing information about the two men who boarded the flights with stolen passports -- Malaysia's home minister said they looked Asian, but its civil aviation chief said they absolutely weren't. A Chinese newspaper questioned whether the Malaysia military was purposefully hiding information. And, of course, people on Twitter questioned whether there was something more nefarious behind the extra/missing legs.

There's no indication that the repeated legs were anything more than an error, but the image certainly doesn't contradict the idea that the investigation has been full of confusion.

Here's the latest from Kuala Lumpur on the search for the jet.