WHO officials prepare to enter a hospital in Uganda in 2012. (Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty Images)

An outbreak of Ebola in Guinea has killed 59 people, according to Doctors Without Borders, which is creating facilities designed to isolate people suspected of having the deadly virus.

Possible cases have been reported in nearby Sierra Leone and Liberia, the group says. A man in Canada who had recently visited West Africa and had symptoms of hemorrhagic fever has been determined to not have the virus, the AP says.

Ebola is fatal in up to 90 percent of cases, the World Health Organization says, and there's no treatment. It's introduced in humans from bodily fluids of infected animals. Its ability to spread quickly was made famous in 1995's "The Hot Zone," a book about an outbreak in monkeys in a Reston, Va., lab. The virus's symptoms include fever and muscle pain, followed by vomiting, diarrhea and, in some cases, bleeding.

BBC News reported that Guinea's health minister banned the sale and consumption of bats, which may be responsible for the latest outbreak.

The WHO also provides a list of major Ebola outbreaks, including their fatality levels. Here are the outbreaks in which at least 10 people died:

1976, Congo. 318 infected, 280 dead. 88 percent fatality rate.

1976, Sudan. 284 infected, 151 dead. 53 perent fatality rate.

1979, Sudan. 34 infected, 22 dead. 65 percent fatality rate.

1994, Gabon. 52 infected, 31 dead. 60 percent fatality rate.

1995, Congo. 315 infected, 254 dead. 81 percent fatality rate. 

1995, Gabon. 31 infected, 21 dead. 68 percent fatality rate. 

1996, Gabon. 60 infected, 45 dead. 76 percent fatality rate.

2000, Uganda. 425 infected, 224 dead. 53 percent fatality rate. 

2001-2002, Gabon. 65 infected, 53 dead. 82 percent fatality rate.

2001-2002, Congo Republic. 59 infected, 44 dead. 75 percent fatality rate.

2003, Congo Republic. 143 infected, 128 dead. 90 percent fatality rate.

2003, Congo Republic. 35 infected, 29 dead. 83 percent fatality rate.

2005, Congo Republic. 12 infected, 10 dead. 83 percent fatality rate. 

2007, Congo. 264 infected, 187 dead. 71 percent fatality rate.

2007, Uganda. 149 infected, 37 dead. 25 percent fatality rate.

2008, Congo. 32 infected, 14 dead. 44 percent fatality rate.

Here's where Guinea is: