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Here are the 11 U.N. members that voted against a resolution on Ukraine’s unity

A display shows the votes on the resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine at the U.N. on Thursday. (AP)

Resolutions from the United Nations' General Assembly, unlike those from the Security Council, are non-binding. So a vote for or against a measure -- like the one Thursday that says Crimea's referendum to break away from Ukraine was not valid -- doesn't mean any action will be taken.

But any action in the Security Council has been blocked by Russia, which is one of the five permanent members and so has veto power. It can't block a resolution in the General Assembly, however.

One hundred countries voted in favor of the resolution, which was introduced by Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. Reuters reports that Western diplomats sent a message highlighting Russia's political isolation. The 11 nations that voted against the resolution, however, aren't necessarily against political isolation from the West. These 11, whose leaders have been critical of the United States and other Western nations, are:

North Korea

Here's the full text of the U.N. resolution:

U.N. resolution affirming Ukraine's territorial integrity

Also Thursday, Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister who was recently released from jail, announced she would run for president of Ukraine, and the International Monetary Fund approved a package of assistance worth up to $18 billion. Read all about that here.