Dmitry Rogozin, shown in January 2012.  (Yves Logghe/AP)

Dmitry Rogozin is the deputy prime minister of Russia. He was one of the many Russian officials targeted by U.S. sanctions last month for their involvement in Crimea's vote to join the Russian Federation.

Rogozin is known as a proud Russian nationalist, and he's not one to mince his words. So how are the sanctions affecting him so far? Let's let the man himself explain, as he did so eloquently on Twitter earlier:

Rogozin's bravado is remarkable, but perhaps not surprising.  Shortly after his name was released by the U.S. State Department, Rogozin tweeted the following:

Rogozin's comments are over the top and perhaps bluster, but they do get to a more important point: It's unclear whether some of the names on the U.S. sanctions list actually have any assets/bank accounts for the U.S. to target.

Some, however, do, and it's manifesting itself in interesting ways. For example, the Financial Times reports today that Miley Cyrus has become involved in the sanctions controversy: One venue she is due to play at in Helsinki is partly owned by three names on the list.