Never-before-seen photos of  Kim Jong Un's childhood were revealed Monday to a cheering crowd at an event Kim attended with the North Korean Air Force.

North Korea's state-run television broadcast still photos of Kim Jong Un's childhood for the first time on Monday. Two photos showed the supreme leader in an air force uniform. (Reuters)

The photos were broadcast on North Korea's state-run television channel, KCTV. They show him saluting and wearing military garb as a small boy, and a later photo shows him in the cockpit of an airplane.

(KCTV via Reuters)
via KCTV
(KCTV via Reuters)
Kim Jong Un as a boy in a cockpit. via Reuters
(KCTV via Reuters)

Only a handful of photos of Kim in his youth had been discovered prior to Monday's broadcast. His childhood was shrouded in secrecy.

According to a PBS report that aired earlier this year, Kim, now said to be 31, was never seen in public as a child, and moved to Switzerland as a teenager with his mother and brother. There, he enrolled in school under a pseudonym and claimed to be the child of a North Korean diplomat.

The photos are warm and fuzzy compared to other headlines out of North Korea this week: A recent KCNA article slammed a U.N. report and included personal attacks on its openly gay lead author, Michael Kirby. And South Korea's defense minister said earlier Tuesday that there are indications that North Korea may be preparing for a nuclear test or "provocation disguised as a nuclear test."