The drummer for the Scorpions has reportedly been convicted of offensive behavior and sentenced to one month in jail in Dubai.

The report comes from the government-owned National newspaper, which says James Kottak was drunk and presented his middle finger and mooned people in a transit hall. He told police he took a wrong turn in the Dubai airport when he was on his way to perform in Bahrain.

Officer AA said he heard the drummer saying “what is this disgusting smell” before he insulted Islam. “I didn’t see anything else but I heard him. I then informed my supervisor, who came and took the defendant away,” said AA.


AB, 25, a Jordanian passenger services agent, said Kottak came over to her and was talking loudly. She said: “He was shouting ‘non-educated Muslims’ then he went to the office of the head and flashed his middle finger at the passengers,” said AB.

The National says Kottak denied flipping the bird, pulling down his pants and yelling negative things about Muslims. The paper also said that Kottak would be out of jail soon — he's been in custody since April 3, and that time will count toward his one-month sentence.

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