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Benjamin Netanyahu’s impassioned rant against smartphone users: ‘You are slaves to your gadgets’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Independence Hall of Israel in Tel Aviv. (Dan Balilty/Associated Press)
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Before an interview last week, a candid Benjamin Netanyahu revealed an aspect of modern society that he just can't understand: People who take photographs with their smartphones.

It appears that the Israeli prime minister didn't realize that he was being filmed, but video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube yesterday:

Here's a full transcript of Netanyahu's comment, which are mostly in Hebrew:

Netanyahu: What do you get out of all these photos? What do you do with it? I mean, what exactly do you do with it? You took the picture, ok, now what? [In English] What happens now? [In Hebrew] What happens now?
Male voice off camera #1: He sends the best picture...
Netanyahu: What?
Male voice off camera #1:You take the best one.
Netanyahu: But what do you do with it? Ok so... so what?
Male voice off camera #1: This is kind of"behind the scenes."
Netanyahu: No. Boring. No.
Male voice off camera #2: [in English] If they had to pay for development of the pictures.
Netanyahu: [In English] Right, they wouldn't do it.
Netanyahu: [In Hebrew] I don't get this new world. Everyone is taking pictures. When do they have time to live? They're taking pictures all the time.  Everyone is taking pictures of each other. Only taking pictures, that's all they do. Taking pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures.  Stop taking pictures: Live! Wait, what?
Female voice off camera: If you didn't take a picture, it's like you never actually lived it.
Netanyahu: I lived, and didn't take a picture.
Female voice off camera: All of us...
Netanyahu: No, I'm not buying it. [In English] So I'm the only person here without all these electronic devices? And I'm a free man, and you're all slaves. You are slaves to your gadgets.
Female voice off camera: You are absolutely right.
Netanyahu: [In English] You are slaves. I couldn't care less.

It's a somewhat unusual move for Netanyahu, who is no stranger to photographing with his phone: He has an active Instagram account, and just days ago he shared the following "selfie":