Malaysian authorities released this audio recording of the final moments of conversation between pilots of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and air traffic controllers. (Ministry of Transport Malaysia)

Malaysia released a preliminary report Thursday into the missing Flight 370, saying 17 minutes elapsed between when the plane disappeared from the radar screen and when Vietnamese air-traffic controllers reached out to Kuala Lumpur on its whereabouts.

Also Thursday, Malaysia Airlines officials told relatives of Flight 370 passengers that they should return home, moving out of hotels that they've been in since the jet disappeared, the Associated Press reported. The airline is closing family assistance centers by Wednesday, AP says, and plans to keep in touch with relatives via phone calls and meetings.

Read the report here, and keep going for maps, cargo manifest and seating chart.

The reports were posted to the Facebook page of Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. The posting of the three maps were described as "MH370's flight path, based on the best available knowledge of the investigation team."

"There are a number of possible flight paths to the southern Indian Ocean, and three boxes indicating where MH370 likely ended. These flight paths differ based on different projections of the aircraft’s speed, shown on the map in knots," it said.

MH370 - Cargo Manifest and Airway Bill

MH370 - Seating Plan