Multiple crews of journalists are reporting being detained by pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine.

CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward talked with "CBS This Morning" about being held by men who yelled anti-American comments and beat a male colleague.

BuzzFeed's Mike Giglio and translator Elena Glazunova were also detained; she shared her story with, a news service, and he sent out tweets after they were released. Here's their story (with thanks for translation help to Alex Ryabchyn) :

Glazunova tells the news service that the two went to a meeting that had been arranged with the press secretary or the "people's secretary" of Slovyansk. They went through a checkpoint, called to double-check that they should continue, and were told that everything was fine.

Then, at a second checkpoint, the car was stopped, and flak jackets and personal belongings were taken from passengers, she said. They were transferred to another car, taken to a new location -- where they saw another group of journalists being "escorted" -- and then blindfolded and taken to a different location.




Glazunova says in this last location, which was some garages, the men began questioning them. She told the news service they were trying to find out if she was a translator, asking her to say phrases in Russian and English and "talk about the political situation in English."




Glazunova told that the driver was in the hospital.