It’s been a busy week, so here’s a look back at a few memorable events from around the world — in case you missed them.

From base-jumping the world's largest skyscraper to a bear's-eye view of the world, here are four must-see moments from around the globe this week. (Gillian Brockell and Davin Coburn/The Washington Post)

On Monday, 77-year-old Abdelaziz Bouteflika was sworn in for his fourth term as Algerian president, after official results showed him winning 81.5 percent of the country’s popular vote. Opponents cried foul, however, boycotting the inauguration amid claims of sweeping fraud.

Also this past week, NASA released footage of a massive iceberg breaking off an Antarctic glacier and drifting through Pine Island Bay toward the Southern Ocean. Officially labeled “B31,” the iceberg is one of the largest in known existence.

Meanwhile, the Natural History museum in Toulouse, France, teamed up with authorities in Slovenia to mount a camera on a GPS-enabled collar worn by a highland brown bear. The footage didn’t bring about any startling revelations for researchers — but it did offer the first-person perspective of an animal that conservationists have difficulty monitoring in its natural habitat. And, bears apparently enjoy knocking over dead trees.

Lastly, Red Bull fashion did what Red Bull does, and sent BASE jumpers Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet to Dubai to jump off the tallest building in the world. With permission from the Crown Prince of Dubai, the duo leapt 2,716 feet off the Burj Khalifa, circling the building 1.25 times on their way to the ground.