Winners of the first Eurovision semifinal. (Bax Lindhardt/European Pressphoto Agency)

Eurovision, the annual camp-fest/song competition, may have gotten a bit political yesterday.

Both Russia and Ukraine were selected to move on to the finals of the competition, held in Copenhagen. Things between the two countries are, well, complicated right now, as Russian troops have been massing on the border of the two countries in exercises that the Ukrainian government considers threatening. (Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that Russian military troops are being pulled back, though the Pentagon has cast doubt on that statement.)

The Tolmachevy Sisters, attached to each other by their hair for the first minute or so, sang their song "Shine" at the semifinals last night and were greeted with applause and cheers. (Irish betting site Paddy Power gives them 66-1 odds to win outright.) But, the BBC says, when it was announced that they were moving onto the final, cheers turned into boos. Watch it here, via the BBC.

Maybe the lyrics felt a little aggressive? A sample:

Living on the edge/
Closer to the crime/
Cross the line a step at a time/
Maybe there's a place/
Maybe there's a time/
Maybe there's a day you'll be mine.

Here's Ukraine's entry, "Tick-Tock" from Mariya Yaremchuk (8-1 odds to win on Paddy Power). It involves a hamster wheel.