From a "cheesy" extreme sport in England to Nelson Mandela's life reenacted through Legos, here are five must-see moments from around the globe this week. (Gillian Brockell and Kate M. Tobey/The Washington Post)

In Brazil, indigenous groups clashed with police, forcing the cancellation of a pre-World Cup event. The groups – who are protesting legislation that could shrink the size of land reserves – joined with activists opposing the billions Brazil has spent to host the World Cup. One police officer was shot in the leg with an arrow.

In India, Narendra Modi took the oath of office as prime minister of the world’s largest democracy, following a decisive victory in elections earlier in May. India invited leaders from across South Asia to attend the ceremony, including Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, raising hopes for improved relations between the rival neighbors.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, a digital marketing firm released a video of Nelson Mandela’s life – as told through Legos. Set under audio from Mandela’s famous “speech from the dock” before his 27-year imprisonment, the stop-motion video is part of the company’s petition to Lego to make an official “Madiba: Freedom Fighter” set.

And in England, thousands of people showed up in Gloucestershire to watch the annual “cheese roll” – a surprisingly extreme race where contestants hurtle themselves down a hillside, chasing after a wheel of local cheese. Ironically, winner Ryan Fairley told Reuters he doesn’t even like cheese.

Finally, an Austrian zoo unveiled five adorable white tiger cubs. The survival rate for white tiger cubs is very low, since most of them are inbred, making the good health of all five of them even more miraculous. The zoo named the only male in the litter “Obama.” Zoo owner Herbert Eder told The Post that the cub’s namesake is welcome to visit anytime.