Insurgents seized control of the northern city Mosul, Iraq early Tuesday. Prime Minister Nouri al -Maliki delivered this televised statement in response:

I announce General Mobilization and total readiness to all powers -- political, financial and popular -- to stop the terrorism and bring life to normal in the areas controlled by the terrorists in Mosul or any other city that they might be there. We will not allow for Nineveh and Mosul to be under the shadows of terror and terrorists.
The cabinet prepared for all the needed authorizations, and all the financial needs, and all possible gatherings. It created a special unit, called the Crisis Unit, to follow up on the operations of gathering and preparing and arming and planning, and taking all needed steps. There will be a serious effort put by the security forces, and the military leaderships, firstly to evaluate the previous period of time, and to punish those who were reckless and those who did not rise to the challenge, and secondly, to benefit from the experience, so it would be avoided in the future.