Call it the bite felt 'round the world. Uruguay's star attacker was expected to leave his mark on the 2014 World Cup tournament, but the most indelible mark may be the one that appeared on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder Tuesday. Suarez, a gifted, albeit temperamental, athlete, has a history of biting. The maps below explain what happened. Well, sort of.

The cities where Suarez has bitten other players: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2010), Liverpool, Britain (2013), Natal, Brazil (2014)

When Uruguay won the World Cup

Despite being a tiny nation of some 3 million people, Uruguay has an incredible World Cup pedigree, being one of the few nations to win the tournament twice. The last time was in 1950, in Brazil. The team's return to the site of that glory surely fueled Suarez's hunger for victory.

How the game began

Suarez, Uruguay's most lethal striker, was paired with Edinson Cavani, an industrious center forward who harried the Italian midfield. Suarez, as you can see in this map provided by, began the game already hanging off Chiellini's shoulder.

Here's how he performed

(Daily Mail)
(Daily Mail)

 You can check out more tactical heat maps from the game against Italy at the Daily Mail.

And here's a suggested heat map for the game's most controversial moment.

Was it a bite? Pranksters on Twitter used FIFA's much-mocked goal-line technology to determine the answer...

Suarez looked like he was in pain and could have turned to a local Brazilian dentist...

Google Maps
Google Maps

Or maybe he would be better served at home in Uruguay's capital

dentists in montevideo
Google Maps

There's plenty of tasty Italian food there.

The five top Italian restaurants in Montevideo, as ranked on TripAdvisor. Nearly half of Uruguay's population can claim Italian descent.

Montevideo is on the northern shore of the Rio Plata, a strategic estuary that was coveted by various colonial powers. The British launched a botched invasion in 1807.

1867 map of Montevideo (Wikimedia Commons)
1867 map of Montevideo (Wikimedia Commons)

In the aftermath of the Italy game, the embattled Uruguayan camp pointed the finger angrily at the British media for always fanning flames of controversy around Luis Suarez.

About cannibalism...


This map is old, probably inaccurate and almost certainly inappropriate. Note the preponderance of cannibal activity in Brazil.

Maps of bights, because they are a thing

(Wikimedia Commons)
(Wikimedia Commons)