The situation in Israel and Palestine is escalating with the death of a Palestinian teenager  after three Israeli teenagers were found dead.

After the three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped in mid-June, the #bringbackourboys hashtag was launched. Palestinians also voiced their opinion on Twitter and Facebook. As tensions grew through the region, so did the posts on social media.

After a Palestinian teenager is found in what some are calling a revenge killing, clashes took place in Shuafat , an Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem, where the teenager was last seen.


A Palestinian boy was carried away after he was hit with a rubber bullet "fired by Israeli soldiers" in Shuafat. Photo from NBC News Foreign Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin's Instagram account


Rocks covered the roads.


A Facebook page was launched after the discovery of the dead Israeli teens, which now seems to be taken down, translated to "People of Israel demand revenge." When last checked, it had more than 40,000 fans. Here is a photo that was on the page:


In Jerusalem, a rabbi held an anti-racism rally:


In response to the clashes, Talib Kweli canceled his concert in Israel.


And a reminder: It's Ramadan.