New footage obtained by the Telegraph shows what appears to be the abduction of an Arab teenager who was kidnapped and killed in what some suspect was a revenge attack. The 16-year-old boy's charred body was found outside Jerusalem on Wednesday.

The video was shot from a CCTV security camera and shows what relatives say is Mohammed Abu Khieder sitting on the steps outside a shop, then approached by two men and pushed into a car. The Washington Post has not confirmed the video's contents. Here is the boy's aunt explaining what she sees:

Khieder's death has been viewed as a revenge killing in response to the recent kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens. Their bodies were found Monday.  Israeli authorities are still investigating the death and have not confirmed it as a revenge killing. There was a delay in returning the remains to the family, who had hoped to bury their son sooner in accordance to Islamic tradition.

Services for Khieder were held Friday morning in East Jersualem. Thousands took to the streets clashing with Israeli security forces. Some Palestinian youths threw rocks at Israeli police, who then fired stun grenades.



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