The Post interviewed 15-year-old Tariq Abu Khieder after a video surfaced showing what his family says is three Israeli police officers beating and kicking him. Tariq is a second cousin to an Arab teen who many believe was slain in revenge killings after three Israeli students were kidnapped and murdered.

In the video, Tariq said he didn't know why he was beaten by the Israeli police, and after spending half a day in a hospital, was in police custody for three days. The U.S. State Department confirmed his arrest and  called for "a speedy, transparent and credible investigation" into the beating allegation.

Below is the video showing what Tariq's family says is three Israeli officers violently attacking him:

The footage is being examined by Israeli officials, who say there were incidents prior to the beating, such as throwing pipe bombs and fire-crackers, and that Tariq was one of six people who were involved in serious disturbances.

Police arrested the six suspects and say three had knives on them and that Tariq had a different sharp object on him, which was confiscated by one of the police officers and can be seen on the video.

On Sunday, Israeli courts sentenced the Tariq, who attends high school in Tampa, to nine days of house arrest. They accused him of being among a group of masked Palestinians who attacked Israeli officers.

Tariq's account comes after days of violence and high emotions in the West Bank after an autopsy report may have said that Mohammad Abu Khieder, the Palestinian teen who was kidnapped and killed, may have been burned alive. On Sunday Israeli officials announced the arrest of six suspects in the slaying.


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