If you missed the news over the long weekend (and even if you didn't but would like a reminder), here's a quick catch-up.

Masked Palestinian protesters from the West bank city of Hebron. (Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA)

Six Israelis were arrested and three have confessed to Palestinian teen's slaying.

The death was suspected to be a revenge killing in response to the kidnapping and slaying of three Israeli teens.

An autopsy report says slain Palestinian teen was burned alive. 

On Saturday, Palestinian news services reported that an autopsy showed that Mohammad Abu Khieder was burned alive. Tensions were already high in the region after his funeral, and they only escalated after the news of his suspected violent death.

Prime Minister Netanyahu called Abu Khieder's family and offered condolences.

On Monday, the prime minister contacted the family and called the slaying "reprehensible" and said the suspects will be brought to trial and "they will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law."

Video footage shows an American teen, cousin of Abu Khieder, being beaten by three Israeli police officers.

The family of 15-year-old American citizen, Tareq Abu Khudair, said he was beaten by Israeli border police and is now being held in Israeli detention. (Reuters)

The State Department said he was in Israeli custody and called for a "a speedy, transparent and credible investigation." The 15-year-old, Tariq Abu Khieder, has been sentenced to house arrest for nine days for his alleged involvement with a group of Palestinians who were throwing pipe bombs at the police.  

Tariq spoke to a Post reporter about his experience. 

Fifteen-year-old American citizen Tareq Abu Khieder said he was beaten and detained by Israeli border police in an interview Sunday with his sister and mother, Suha Abu Khieder, in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat. (Sufian Taha/The Washington Post)

He disputed the account provided by the Israeli police and said that “they pushed me down on the ground and beat the hell out of me.”

More than 25 rockets were fired into Israel Sunday. Israel pounded targets in central Gaza.

Seven Hamas members and two other people were reported killed in the airstrikes. An additional 10 militants were injured.