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This is life in Gaza right now

Warning: Some of this content is graphic.

Israel launched airstrikes into the Gaza Strip Tuesday in response to rockets fired into Israeli cities by Palestinian militants.

The Post's William Booth captured an image of a girl in Gaza who was struck by shrapnel. Both her mother and brother were killed.

Tensions in the region escalated after the kidnapping and deaths of three Israeli teens and a 16-year-old Palestinian in the West Bank.

Hamas has launched more than 200 rockets into Israel, but with the help of an Iron Dome missile-defense system, these rockets often get intercepted. No injuries from the rockets have been reported.

The rockets launched by Hamas haven't entered this far into Israeli territory before, and they caused Israelis to duck and cover when warning sirens went off.

Israeli ground forces have gathered near the Gaza border in anticipation of a possible invasion, but so far the operations have been only through the air.

The Israeli airstrikes are hitting residences in Gaza, and "most of the Gazans killed so far have died in their homes."

A top militant in Gaza was reportedly killed when his house was bombed in an airstrike, according to Hamas media.

At least 300 people have been injured in Gaza, and more than half of them have been women and children. Most injuries were serious, according to reports.

Just overnight, more than 100 targets were hit in Gaza.

The clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza are at their worst since the violence that erupted in 2012More than 35 people have died during the operation.