Two stewardesses look at flowers left in commemoration. (Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/EPA)

Over the past few days, mourners have gathered to remember Flight 17 victims, who were killed in last week's downed Malaysia Airlines crash. Here are photos of memorials from around the world.

At the crash site

Toys and flowers are placed at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine on Monday. (Dmitry Lovetsky/AP)

At a restaurant in Rotterdam

People look at flowers placed in front of restaurant Asian Glories after a walk to commemorate victims of Flight 17 on Monday. (Phil Nijhuis/AP)

Friends and relatives of Flight 17 victims Jenny Loh and Popo Fan — owners of a popular restaurant, Asian Glories — hug in front of the restaurant. (Marco de Swart/Reuters)

Waitresses from the Asian Glories restaurant. (Marco de Swart/Reuters)

At the AIDS 2014 Conference

Delegates stand in silence to remember their colleagues who were killed in the MH17 crash. (David Crosling/EPA)

Flowers are laid as tributes to those killed in the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, at the base of a large sign for the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. (Mark Dadswell/Reuters)

A delegate at the International AIDS Conference ties a red ribbon to a memorial board. (Mark Dadswell/Reuters)

"This is a moment of deep sadness for the world,” International AIDS Society President Françoise Barré-Sinoussi told reporters. “The extent of our loss is hard to comprehend and express. Our colleagues were traveling because of their dedication to bringing an end to AIDS. We will honor their commitment and keep them in our hearts as we begin our program on Sunday."

Outside St. James' Park in Newcastle, England

Tributes outside of Newcastle United's St. James' Park on Monday. (Nigel Roddis/Reuters)

"None of us would be sitting here without the fans," said Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew, who has dedicated the season to two fans killed in the crash. "Owners and managers come and go, as do players, but the fans are always there, and these two guys in particular, to go to the lengths that they did to get out here, has brought home just how important supporters are to us.

"Sometimes when you lose lives in that manner, it puts into context what we do," Pardew continued, according to the Guardian. "This season we want to give their families something to remember them by, by having a successful season."

In Australia

Relatives and friends gather for a memorial service for five members of the van den Hende family on Sunday. (Darren Tindale/EPA)

A family of five was among the Flight 17 victims, according to reports. Hundreds gathered in a community outside of Melbourne to pay their respects over the weekend.

"I know it sounds like a cliche but they were just beautiful," family friend Tanya Willmott told the Herald Sun, "they loved life, they loved Australia — they were just beautiful."

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