A relative guides a girl in prayer at the grave of a loved one in a cemetery in Gaza City on Monday. (Lefteris Pitarakis/Associated Press)

After a weekend of a series of pauses in fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas and relative calm on Monday morning, reports filtered in that the respite was over as Gaza's main care facility was bombed. Multiple injuries were reported. Here's a rundown of the short-lived truces up to this event:

Saturday morning: Israeli forces and Hamas agree to a 12-hour pause after Secretary of State John Kerry's attempt to reach a week-long cease-fire fell through. Images filtered in of stunned Gazans returning to their neighborhoods and finding them completely destroyed.

Saturday evening: Israel approved a 24-hour extension of the truce but said it would end if Hamas prevented the military's efforts to close down underground tunnels.

Sunday, mid-morning: Hamas rejected Israel's terms to extend the 24-hour cease-fire, and fighting recommenced.

Sunday afternoon: Hamas declared a pause in fighting so that Gazans could prepare for Eid.

Sunday, 6 p.m.: Israel didn't observe the truce, and both sides again began fighting on Sunday evening.

Monday morning: Gaza was relatively quiet as Palestinians prepared to celebrate Eid and both sides mostly held their fire.

Monday afternoon: Reports filtered in that a hospital in Gaza was hit.