The Israel Defense Forces have a tactic in place where they contact families in Gaza to alert them that their house is about to be targeted by the military and that they should evacuate the premises. The strategy, according to the IDF, is aimed at lowering the number of civilian casualties. The homes targeted allegedly belong to Hamas members.

The Washington Post's Sudarsan Raghavan was in Gaza and witnessed the process: First came a warning by Israeli forces, then a preliminary attack on the building and then a final attack to destroy the structure. Here is Raghavan's account:

Residents were warned about an incoming attack and asked to clear the area. 

Missiles and rockets are used to hit the building, but leave the complex still standing

Then, the structure finally falls. 

People inside the building evacuated, some with no place to go. According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, there are about 220,000 displaced civilians in 86 UNRWA shelters.

There were no casualties or injuries reported.

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