On Monday afternoon, the fighting in Gaza reached Jerusalem in a spectacular fashion, with an Arab man using a backhoe to kill an Israeli pedestrian and overturn a bus, according to Israeli authorities.

Footage that appears to show the Israel security services responding to the attack has been uploaded to YouTube. Please note, although the video is blurry, some may still find it upsetting to watch.

The Post's Griff Witte was at the scene as the body of the attacker was taken away. In the video, a crowd of people who live in the area can be seen chanting "Death to Arabs" in Hebrew.

The body of the assailant from Monday's deadly attack, in which a backhoe was used to overturn a bus in Jerusalem, is driven away in an ambulance. Israelis cheer and chant "death to the Arabs" in Hebrew. The assailant is believed to have been an Arab man from east Jerusalem. (Griff Witte/The Washington Post)

Griff also tweeted a picture of the backhoe after it was destroyed:

Another video from the scene, released by the Associated Press, shows the aftermath in more detail.