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Watch: Rare videos that actually show Hamas firing rockets into Israel

We have seen many videos of rockets falling from the sky into Israel. There has been endless footage of Israeli forces in Gaza. Of Israelis watching airstrikes hit the Gaza Strip.

What we rarely see is actual Hamas militants in action.

Now that many journalists have left the Gaza Strip and returned home, videos of militants allegedly assembling rockets are surfacing at international news outlets. One of India's largest broadcast news channels, NDTV, had this exclusive from Gaza, filed after the journalist reached home in India:

The video allegedly shows Hamas militants assembling rockets under a tent, and then dismantling it and setting up the rockets for remote detonation.

France 24 also had this video which claims to show Hamas militants.

Tylor Hicks, the New York Times' photographer who was in Gaza, spoke of the difficulty of getting Hamas militants on camera.

This is a war fought largely behind the scenes. Hamas fighters are not able to expose themselves. If they were to even step a foot on the street they would be spotted by an Israeli drone and immediately blown up. We don’t see those fighters. They are operating out of buildings and homes and at night. They are moving around very carefully. You don’t see any signs of authority on the streets. If you can imagine every police officer, every person of authority in America gone, this is what that would look like.

Of seeing Hamas launch pads, he said: "I never saw a single device for launching the rockets to Israel. It’s as if they don’t exist."