The conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in widespread destruction of residential areas in Gaza. Instagram photos and videos from Gaza throughout the summer show a drastic change in tone as violence escalated. (Nicki DeMarco and Swati Sharma/The Washington Post)

At the start of this summer, Instagram feeds of Gazans didn't look too different from the rest of the world — photos of beaches, selfies and delicious food were filtered according to the appropriate hashtag. In July, everything changed. After the abduction and death of three Israeli teenagers and one Palestinian, the conflict between Israelis and Hamas, the Islamist militant group that runs the Gaza Strip, escalated rapidly. Typical summer snapshots were replaced with photos of collapsed buildings, ambulances and destroyed neighborhoods.

We followed a handful of Instagram accounts and compiled photos to depict how lives of civilians in Gaza changed over the past three months. See the complete project here.

Marah Majed Elwadia, 23

June 14: A day at the beach

A month and a half later, in Gaza City's Shijaiyah neighborhood:

Mahmoud Khaled Aljazzar, 19

June 24: Live music

About two weeks later: 

Essam Reziq Alhanouti, 27

June 20: Watching the World Cup

Almost two months later:

View the complete project here.