Facebook has been full of Ice Bucket Challenges in the past few weeks. While the viral initiative is supposed to raise awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and has found supporters around the world, some Gaza residents have invented their own version.

In a video posted on YouTube Saturday, journalist Ayman al-Aloul tells his audience that he had been looking "for a bucket of water," but had concluded that water was too valuable in Gaza to pour it onto himself. Instead, "we looked around us," he says in the video while pointing toward rubble in the background, "and decided to use it instead of iced water."

You can watch the video to see what happens next:

Since then, several Facebook pages have emerged on which organizers ask sympathizers of Palestinians to pour dirt or sand over themselves and to post pictures and videos. The Rubble Bucket Challenge could also reach Washington: An event created Monday specifies that a protest is supposed to take place at 6 p.m. Thursday in front of the White House.

Since then, more videos of participants have begun to emerge:

In an interview with NBC, journalist Aloul explained why he adapted the Ice Bucket Challenge: "It came to my mind that it's good idea to show the whole picture — how Gaza looks now, rubble, destruction, cement with sand, small rocks." According to him, his friends had also suggested to use a bucket of blood or shrapnel instead.

Al-Aloul would be satisfied "if five famous people in the world like actors or presidents will do the challenge."