Earlier in August, photographer Pete Muller was on assignment in Sierra Leone, following the Ebola story. During his trip, he captured several scenes, a selection of which we have published below, in his own words.

This first video is a dispatch from the road between Kailahun and Kenema enroute to a burial in the village of Sengema. Sengema is extremely remote, a short distance from the border with Guinea, and it's in the area where the current outbreak took shape. Muller a team of Red Cross burial workers to dispose of the body of a man suspected of dying from Ebola.

This video below is from an Ebola quarantine checkpoint between Kenema and Freetown, the former being an epicenter of Ebola infection. The government of Sierra Leone has ordered the establishment of checkpoints along roads leading into and out of heavily Ebola-affected areas. To pass these checkpoints, travelers require permission from ranking law enforcement officials. With the exception of essential goods and Ebola responses workers, the areas are effectively cut off.

This video is from an emotional scene of an Ebola burial in the village of Dia, Sierra Leone. Community members were afraid and upset and were confrontational with Red Cross workers who had come in to safely bury the body. Community members felt that they did not have time to dig a sufficiently deep grave for the body and were fearful that Ebola might spread as a result. There was a lot of shouting and arguing that was particularly upsetting for the family.