You can love FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi. You can tattoo the soccer god's jersey on your back. You can even buy a $5.25 million gold replica of his foot.

But you cannot -- I repeat, cannot -- name your baby after him, at least if you live in Messi's Argentinian hometown of Rosario.

Gonzalo Carrillo, the civil register in Sante Fe province, which includes Rosario, said it's "prohibited by law" to name babies Messi, Radio 2 reported. That ruling came after a father in a different province named his son Messi, according to the Barcelona newspaper Marca.

The boy's dad, Héctor Varela, told Radio 2 that he was proud to be "the first Argentinian to name his baby after the best soccer player in the world."

Carrillo reasoned that Messi is a surname, not a first name, and such naming can cause confusion, Marca reported. In other words, it can get very Messi, Messi. But Varela's child already has the name, which Carrillo conceded could set a precedent.

"I am Messi's father," Varela told Marca. "Many people chose Lionel as a name for their sons after Messi, but this is more obvious."

I agree. Because you could name your kid after a famous Lionel, another famous Lionel or a semi-famous Lionel. Which Lionel is it?

Either way, naming a baby after a real-life soccer king makes more sense than naming a newborn after the fictional queen of the never-existed Dothraki people. (I'm looking at you, Americans. Messi > Khaleesi.)