Groundskeeper Willie, a character on "The Simpsons," weighed in on whether Scotland will or will not become an independent country. (FOX)


Prominent figures on both sides of the "Yes" and "No" debate on whether Scotland should become an independent state have made themselves heard ahead of Thursday's referendum.

There was Queen Elizabeth II's request that Scots "think very carefully about the future" and calls for independence spanning Scottish Nationalist leader Alex Salmond's entire career. Salmond famously pledged to never wear a kilt until Scotland was truly independent, a promise he later broke.

And now, one of America's most famous Scots, Groundskeeper Willie of Fox's animated series "The Simpsons" has also weighed in in this video. In it, he admits his hesitation to choose either side but does reveal who could be the next William Wallace to lead Scotland to greatness (Hint: It's him).