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Islamic State fighters in new video vow to punish U.S. for ‘every drop of blood’

Against a desert backdrop in Dabiq, Syria, three men claiming to be European nationals fighting for the Islamic State vowed to one day fly their flag over the White House and avenge “every drop of blood spilt” by the U.S.-led coalition.

The latest Islamic State video, released Wednesday, amounted to a quadrilingual call to arms and a colorful insult-fest against European and U.S. leaders. Fighters identified as Abu Abdullah from Britain, Abdul Wadoud from France and Abu Dauoud from Germany -- each speaking in their respective tongues as well as in Arabic -- vowed to fight to the death and called on more young Muslims from around the globe to join their jihad.

“We will chop off the heads of the Americans, chop off the heads of the French, chop off the heads of whoever you may bring,” warned the Abu Abdullah, as he posed majestically on a rooftop, the black Islamic State flag in view.

Thousands of foreign nationals have already gravitated to Syria to fight. But the Islamic State -- with what amounts to a highly stylized recruiting advertisement -- clearly wants more.

“Do not sit with the filth,” said the German in the video, according to a transcript provided by the SITE Intelligence Group. The Bild tabloid identified him as a radical convert from North-Rhine Westphalia.

“My dear brothers," he continued. "Come home. Come home, to the land of the Muslims, to the Islamic State, to the Islamic caliphate. Support us. Support your homeland, with your numbers, with your presence. And fight in the path of Allah.”

He blasted “filthy” Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he blamed for sending “gifts to Israel.” His mere mention of the German leader led Bild on Thursday to decry "ISIS terror against our chancellor!”

Not to be outdone, the other men taunted President Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Perhaps the choicest words were reserved for President Francois Hollande of France, whom Abdul Wadoud addressed by calling him “you French swine!”