Snoop Dogg loves Belarus — so much so that he is endorsing a line of clothing and accessories bearing traditional Belarusian-style prints.

The hip-hop icon promoted the “Snoop loves Belarus” collection on his Instagram account this week, also linking to the online collection of red-and-white T-shirts, backpacks, and laptop and iPhone cases.

The line is the work of HoodGraff, a group of street artists from the Belarusian city of Vitebsk, who said they caught Snoop Dogg’s eye in late 2013 via an Instagram photo of a street portrait they drew of him in their hometown.

They kept in touch, and earlier this year, designed the items at the hip-hop icon’s invitation.

HoodGraff designer Arty Boorj said they always knew Snoop Dogg liked patterns, so they “decided to show the Belarusian spirit on a T-shirt.” When they showed him the traditionally ornamental pattern and design, Boorj said, “he liked it.”

Where Snoop Dogg developed his love of Belarus is unclear – representatives of Snoop Dogg didn’t return a request for comment Friday, and Boorj said he can't remember Snoop Dogg ever playing a show in Belarus. But though the United States and Belarus may have limited diplomatic relations, Boorj said Snoop Dogg does have a following in his country.

Recently, Boorj and HoodGraff relocated from Belarus to St. Petersburg, Russia, after being fined about $1,800 by the government when they tried to paint a portrait of Belarusian writer Vasil Bykov, a frequent critic of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, Boorj said.

He says the art collective has no plans to try to collaborate with other famous American artists in the near future, but will instead be visiting different cities and working on their street art.

And no word on whether Snoop plans on working with other Belarusians. But if he does, we thought of one song he might want to think about sampling.