A video posted online on Tuesday by the Islamic State appears to show drone footage of the besieged city of Kobane, where the jihadists have battled Kurdish militias since September. It was uploaded by the Islamic State's media branch in Aleppo, northern Syria, and seems to show the blasts of a number of suicide bombings in embedded panels.

This is not the first time the extremist organization has used footage seemingly taken by a drone from Kobane. In one of its most eerie propaganda videos, the Islamic State depicted British hostage John Cantlie as a sort of frontline war correspondent, extolling the militants' gains in the war-ravaged city, while mocking the failure of Kurdish and Western-backed efforts to dislodge the jihadists.

"The mujahideen is now being resupplied, by the hopeless U.S. Air Force, who parachuted two crates of weapons and ammunition straight into the outstretched arms of the mujahideen," Cantlie said, in what was likely a prepared script he was forced to read. "Urban warfare is about as nasty and as tough as it gets and it's something of a specialty of the mujahideen."

The video opens with drone footage of Kobane, and then pans down to what is supposedly Cantlie's location amid the rubble of the ruined city.