President Obama shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as first lady Michelle Obama and Indian President Pranab Mukherjee, left, look on before a state dinner in the presidential palace in New Delhi on Saturday. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

President Obama will be attending India's Republic Day festivities Monday on his second visit to India during his administration. Despite lukewarm relations with India in the past, the Modi and Obama administrations have been pursuing a strong bilateral partnership.

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So how do Indians feel about Obama's visit to India? Here's a look.

Umrao Singh, 34, traffic policeman, Jaipur. "It's all a waste of money and energy. So much security cover for traffic jams in Delhi. I have no expectation from the visit."

Neeta Lalwani, 16, student, Jaipur. "There's too much hype around Obama's visit. As if this is the most important thing for India. Who knows what will come of it?"

Saddam Hussain, 19, training to be an electrician, Jaipur. Obama should bring many American factories to India. There should be many jobs for people like me."

Shabir Khan, 24, auto rickshaw driver, Jaipur. "I saw on TV that Obama will bring development in India. Only time will tell if the promises will come true. We have been waiting for so long for good roads, power."

R. K. Poddar, businessman,60, Jaipur. "Obama's visit shows that the U.S recognizes India as a stabilizing force in this region. They need us."

Ram Avtar, 34, tourist taxi driver. "I have no expectations, Obama has come before and made grand promises. Nothing changed for India."

Vijay Roy, 42, fashion photographer, Chandigarh: "It's good for America and good for India. And I want to see Michelle Obama in a sari! She has such beautiful skin, dark, like Indian skin. She would look so pretty."

Amardeep Singh, 45, real estate company owner, Chandigarh: "It's very very good for the Indian economy. The world is coming here now. India has a lot of potential in terms of the economy and intellectual growth is concerned. The Obama visit will boost not only the economy but the India-US relationship as well."

Shikha Widge, lawyer, 33, New Delhi: "I think the Obama visit will improve ties between the two countries. Obama is very well known here. Even if you ask an auto rickshaw driver who Obama is he will be knowing him, no?"