President Obama's second visit to India during his two terms in office was full of fun tidbits (did you know Prime Minister Narendra Modi survived a crocodile attack?), images of a blossoming friendship, and yes, even a breakthrough nuclear "understanding." Here is a breakdown of the buzziest moments from Obama's trip.

The Obama-Modi bromance

Also known as Mobama.

They first bonded on Modi's trip to Washington last September. Soon after, Modi tweeted at the White House asking for the U.S. president's appearance at the Republic Day festivities. The White House accepted — through Twitter, of course.

When the Obamas landed Sunday morning, Modi broke protocol and went to personally receive Obama at the New Delhi airport. Soon after, he gave Obama a spontaneous greeting, and what the Indian media gleefully dubbed a "bear hug."

Throughout the trip, the two were seen hugging, chatting, laughing. In Obama's speech at the India State Dinner on Sunday evening, the president referred to Modi as his "partner and friend" and called him tough — (Modi told Obama he once survived an attack by a crocodile).

Their perceived friendship was one of the focal points of Obama's trip. The two men come from very different backgrounds — one an Ivy-league educated liberal, the other a Hindu nationalist. Still, the shared bond between the two continued to draw attention over the past two days.
A nuclear breakthrough
Obama and Modi boasted of a "breakthrough understanding" on nuclear power, stating that it would be "easier for U.S. firms and others abroad to invest in Indian nuclear power plants. Indian law holds suppliers, designers and builders of plants liable in case of an accident, making companies reluctant to invest in the plants."
The two countries have tried to reach nuclear deals before, though the president hinted that this time, it would be different. “We're committed to moving towards full implementation,” he said, "and this is an important step that shows how we can work together to elevate our relationship.”
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Modi vs. Michelle: Who wore it best?
When it came to fashion, Michelle Obama seemed to fall short compared with Modi's extremely tailored look. How was she to compete with Modi's navy bandhgala suit that had his name embroidered on it a thousand times?

That suit was a highlight, but so were the other attention-grabbing Modi outfits. On his first meeting with Obama, the prime minister wore his signature vest (called the Modi kurta) and paired it with a paisley shawl. A Wall Street Journal article declared Modi the clear winner in terms of fashion: "Narendra Modi Outshines Michelle Obama With Airport Outfit." The president himself quipped about the Indian leader's style, stating: "Tonight, I was thinking about wearing a Modi kurta myself."

Narendra meets Kumar

The Obamas didn't go to India without one of their favorite celebrities. Kal Penn, known for his starring role in "Harold and Kumar," previously worked in the White House and tagged along on the trip.

Kal Penn, whose real name is Kalpen Suresh Modi, had the opportunity to take a selfie with the prime minister captioned: "American Modi meets Indian Modi."

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American Modi meets Indian Modi

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And although we don't see a selfie with Obama, they did take part in a "bro-handshake."

Indian American movie actor and former Obama administration official Kal Penn traveled along with President Obama for his historic trip to India. (

The parade
It rained on India's Republic Day parade.
But that didn't dampen the mood or stop the show as hundreds of members of India's military forces, in matching colors and rhythm, marched past President Obama and the Indian prime minister. In addition to a formation of combat helicopters that dropped marigold petals and the colorful floats that represented each state, Indians also noticed something else — Obama chewing gum, which managed to make headlines during and after the parade.

The lunch menu 
Yes, the leaders of the two countries ate together and the official spokesperson for India's foreign ministry took it upon himself to let the world know what was served. Mostly vegetables.

But in less than an hour, Akrabuddin sent a second tweet, clarifying that they also served non-vegetarian options.

Where was Michelle?
As the heads of state of the two countries indulged in diplomacy and tea, Quartz noted that first lady Michelle Obama was nowhere to be seen.
Any if you see her? Let us know.