In 2008, Imad Mughniyah, Hezbollah's international operations chief, was killed when a bomb planted in an SUV in Damascus was detonated as he walked by. Although Israel's intelligence organization was believed to be behind the attack, The Washington Post has revealed that the bombing, which killed Mughniyah instantly, was a joint CIA-Mossad operation.

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Mughnniyah was on the FBI's most-wanted terrorists list and was sought by the authorities in 42 other countries as well. Here are some of the major attacks Mughniyah was allegedly involved in:

Bombing of U.S. Embassy in Beirut, 1983: The suicide bombing of  the U.S. Embassy in Beirut killed 63 people, including eight CIA officers.

Beirut barracks bombing, 1983: After the embassy bombing, two truck bombs hit U.S. and French bases, killing 241 U.S. servicemen.

Torture and killing of CIA's Lebanon station chief, 1984: Mughniyah was allegedly involved in the kidnapping and killing of William F. Buckley, the CIA station chief. Officials said Mughniyah sent videotapes of brutal interrogation sessions to the CIA before Buckley was killed.

Beverly A. Surette places a rose on the coffin of William F. Buckley, the CIA station chief slain in Beirut, during his burial service Dec. 31, 1991, at Arlington National Cemetery. Surette, a close friend of Buckley's, is holding a folded U.S. flag that was on the coffin. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Hijacking of TWA Flight 847, 1985: A flight from Athens to Rome was hijacked by Hezbollah operatives. U.S. Navy diver Robert Stethem was murdered, and dozens of other passengers were held hostage for about two weeks.

Suicide bombing of Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, 1992: Four Israeli civilians and 25 Argentines were killed in the 1994 attack on the embassy.

Bombing of Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, 1994: In the same city two years later, 85 people died. Most of the victims were Jewish.

Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, 1996: Mughniyah was also believed to be involved in this attack that killed 19 U.S. Air Force pilots and staff when a truck bomb blew up at the tower.

U.S. and Saudi investigators spread debris on plastic sheets as they  gather evidence after the June 25, 1996, bombing outside the Khobar Towers complex in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. (AFP/Getty Images)

Role in training militias, 2006-2007: During one of the deadliest periods of the war in Iraq, Mughniyah was said to be involved in supplying and training Shiite militias who were responsible for killing and wounding hundreds of U.S. troops.