Despite the war against the Islamic State, Baghdad has been bouncing back to life. The renewed sense of vigor was given a boost last week by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi who ordered the nighttime curfew lifted at midnight Saturday.

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Here are some photographs of life in Baghdad taken in the week the curfew was lifted by The Post's Liz Sly.

A pink neon palace called the Barbie Clinic, one of the city's many newly opened venues, pampers women with beauty treatments late into the evening.

The carousel at Baghdad's Mansour Mall was brimming of activity.

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The carousel at Baghdad's Mansour Mall

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The mall is Baghdad's biggest and newest shopping complex, where "Iraqis line up to watch American movies at the seven-screen cinema and feast on greasy pizza in the food court." And there are Iraqi flags everywhere.

There are impromptu parties along the bridges and banks of the Tigris, where young men gather with cans of beer to talk, socialize and, after the drink has taken effect, dance in the streets.

Baghdad's floating restaurant, chugs up and down the Tigris River every night serving dinner.

Tea was served in old Baghdad.

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Serving tea in old Baghdad

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One reason Baghdad feels so jolly at night is that people are decorating everything they can find with brightly colored lights, especially palm trees. This is outside the Palestine Hotel.