When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday, his speech sparked headlines in the United States, Israel, and elsewhere in the world. But the speech itself was long: How many people actually listened to the whole thing?

To make things easier for listeners, Israeli journalist and musician Noy Alooshe has stepped in with his own remix which sets the speech to a dance-pop beat. You can listen to "Stand! Down! Iran" above.

Alooshe, of Jewish Tunisian descent, has become well-known for his mocking remixes of global leaders' speeches over the past few years. The most infamous is his 2011 remix of a Moammar Gaddafi's speech that went viral in Israel and in much of the Arab world.

Titled "Zenga Zenga," that clip currently has over 5 million views. The Gaddafi family is even reported to have co-opted it, with the Libyan tyrant's daughter playing it at one speech.

Netanyahu hasn't been spared the Alooshe treatment in the past, either. In 2011, another speech to Congress got its own remix: "BiBi Pro Americano"

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