A rhinoceros entered the town of Hetuada in southern Nepal on Monday, creating chaos and killing at least one person. The wild creature's rampage was documented by a number of social media users.

The rhino is said to have visited a local market, a bus station, and even a hospital during its time in Hetuada. While rhinos rarely kill people, they can become unpredictable when frightened: A government administrator told the Associated Press that a 61-year-old woman on the outskirts of the city was gored to death on Monday and that an unknown number of other people were injured.

Locals attempted to drive the rhino out of the city by chasing after it and honking car horns: Authorities even called in trained elephants in an effort to guide the animal out of the city. Shishu Sharma, a local police officer, told AFP that the animal had ended up resting near a local hospital.  "We have contacted technicians to see if we can sedate the rhino. Our focus is to rescue it," Sharma explained.

Hetauda, a city of around 135,000 people, is located around 50 miles south of Nepal's capital Kathmandu and borders a forested area. Local officials believe this rhino had walked around a dozen miles from a nearby wildlife reserve to Hetuada. There are thought to be around 500 greater one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal; the animals are an endangered species.