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Foreign Minister Zarif says sanctions will probably be lifted immediately if an agreement is reached.

Prince Salman became king on Jan. 22 and has moved the succession to the next generation.

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The Japanese prime minister didn't address other criticisms of Japan's history -- like the "comfort women" issue.

A tent camp shares its few rations. Boys keep the fires burning for cremations.

  • Melody Schreiber
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Tuesday's rescue effort was a painful reminder of the scale of Boko Haram’s horror.

Iran’s foreign minister said a “low-level operative” may have asked Jason Rezaian to gather information.

Monks, long revered in Thailand, have been caught up in recent sex, drug and embezzlement scandals.

Melih Gokcek, the mayor of Turkish capital Ankara, takes to Twitter.

King Salman replaced his anointed heir with his nephew and named his son as deputy in line to the throne.

This is the sort of thing that only happens in France.

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