The agreement reached on Thursday between Iran and a number of world powers on Iran's nuclear program has the potential to be a game-changer. President Obama himself has said it is a "good deal" that meets the international community's "core objectives."

If the agreement pans out, however, no one will feel it more than ordinary Iranians. That's because the agreement includes tentative plans for relief from the international sanctions that have caused real financial pain for those living in Iran over the past few years.

On social media, there were multiple signs of approval, even joy, from Iranian users and users based in Iran. While these social media users cannot be taken as representative of all of Iranian opinion (many social networking sites are technically blocked in Iran), they do offer a glimpse of how ordinary Iranians responded to the deal.

A number of people reported public celebrations in Iran after the agreement was announced, even though it was almost midnight local time and the Iranian holiday of Sizdah Bedar.

A number of photos and videos shared on social media appear to show public celebrations, though it is unclear how widespread the celebrations were.

There were also private celebrations.

Some in Iran clearly went out of their way to watch the announcement.

Iranian state television even showed Obama's address live ...

... which prompted some surprising reactions in Iran

Some Iranian social media users shared positive images after the news came out ...

... while others trolled.

Others were just happy with the work done by their government.

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