People work to rescue trapped people inside a temple in Basantapur Durbar Square after a major earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal, on April 25. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

Nepal was hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake Saturday, leaving thousands dead. Although rescue efforts are underway, aftershocks and cold weather have made attempts to help victims difficult.

Here are some vetted charities in the region that have teams in Nepal, providing shelter, giving medical aid and carrying out other relief work.

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Mercy Corps

The global aid agency has had more than 90 people on the ground since 2006. Workers are distributing hygiene materials, water, utensils to cook and other goods.

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Catholic Relief Services

The U.S.-based humanitarian wing of the Catholic Church provides aid to 91 countries and has commenced its relief operation in Nepal. Workers based in New Delhi were shipping blankets and other supplies as many Nepalis were forced to sleep outside in the cold.

Tony Castleman, the country head of Catholic Relief Services in New Delhi, told The Post that “the situation is quite bad, and the cold weather is not going to help.”

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Oxfam workers arrived in Nepal after facing aftershocks and have been working to provide water and other supplies to those whose homes were destroyed.

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World Vision

The Christian organization is planning to help 50,000 people in its initial phase, focusing on temporary shelter and providing first-aid kits. "Child Friendly Spaces" also are being set up for children who are now homeless or can't find their families.

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CARE, a leading humanitarian aid organization, has staff on the ground and has plans in place to help 75,000 people. It will assist with providing food and water and temporary shelter.

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Red Cross 

Kathmandu-based Nepal Red Cross has 100,000 volunteers and branches all over the country. The American Red Cross has already committed $300,000 to the Nepal Red Cross, and the global network is working to help the affiliate.

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On Sunday, Nepal's prime minister appealed for support and set up a disaster relief fund. The following banks are accepting donations:

Everest Bank: 00100105200270 or 00101102200012
Nepal Bank: 002-11-053313
Global Bank: 0411010000005
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal: 18013243801
Nepal Bangladesh Bank: 035141 C

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