(Dana Smillie/Polaris)

The Egyptian government is investigating suggestions that an American-based adult movie star shot indecent images in front of Giza's pyramids, marking the second pornography-related scandal at the 4,500-year-old archaeological site in just a few months.

According to Ahram News, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities announced Friday that it is investigating images posted to the social media accounts of the actress, who calls herself Carmen De Luz, that appeared to show her exposing herself near the pyramids.

De Luz's photographs sparked intense speculation that a pornographic film had been shot at the pyramid's site in Egypt. However, the actress denied this on Twitter, telling her followers in Arabic that she had not filmed in Egypt and had merely visited the pyramids for fun. She also clarified that she had left Egypt and was now back in the United States.

There remained some doubts about the denial, however. The ministry's statement noted that De Luz's photographs appeared to show "no individuals or tour buses in the background, meaning that De Luz stayed in the area past the permitted hours," according to Ahram.

If De Luz had shot an adult video at the Giza pyramids, she wouldn't be the first. In March, pornographic footage shot by two Russian tourists at the 4,500-year-old pyramids spread online. The video, which was first posted online in 2014, prompted Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty to refer the case to a public prosecutor.

Conservative and religious groups called on Egyptian authorities to tighten access for tourists in response to that video. However, tourism advocates within the country may argue against further impediments to a once-vibrant but now troubled tourism sector

Since the 2011 protests that eventually ousted President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt has struggled to attract tourists at the level it once did. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Tourism announced a 24.7 percent drop in tourism revenue for the first half of 2014.