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India’s Narendra Modi completed one year in power. Here’s how he did.

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When India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept into power a year ago this month, expectations were high. The Indian economy was in the doldrums, and a scandal-ridden administration seemed frozen in place. Modi had campaigned on the promise of a new India, with smart cities, clean streets and dazzling economic growth.

But did he deliver? Partly, a panel of experts assembled from India and the United States said this week. Our five judges gave Modi high marks for foreign relations and national security, after he circled the globe to bolster relations with other Asian countries and forged a new relationship with the United States and India’s powerful diaspora.

India’s economy has stabilized with the help of low oil prices, but many key reforms, such as a goods and service tax and a controversial land bill, are stuck in Parliament.

Modi received lower marks on civil liberties, social issues and the environment. The panelists said the prime minister must do more to curb the Hindu religious right in the country, address the needs of the poor, and fix the nation’s flawed education system. And while Modi has made high-profile commitments on sanitation and a clean-up of the Ganges river, the experts said his ambitious industrial and road projects could erode forest cover and endanger rights of tribal communities.

Take a look at how Modi fared. Click here to see the entire graphic, including quotes from each panelist.

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