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Donald Trump tweets image of Nazi soldiers inside the U.S. flag, then deletes tweet

On Tuesday, Donald Trump (or, should we say, Donald Trump's Twitter account), tweeted one more plug for the GOP presidential candidate's campaign.

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain, the hashtag read. Then came an image of the American flag, the stars resplendently laid over a portrait of Trump gazing sternly at something, the stripes over motifs of American triumphalism: cash money, the White House, and soldiers.

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An all-caps caption declared: "We need real leadership. We need results. Let's put the U.S. back into business!"

Except, there was a problem. As Twitter users quickly pointed out, the soldiers in the bottom-right of the image were not American. They weren't even from an Allied military. They were German World War II soldiers.

Twitter sleuths set about linking the image to a stock photo of reenactors in what appears to be Nazi uniforms.

This former professor at the Naval War College appeared convinced.

And the left-of-center Web site Mother Jones made this handy GIF:

Trump's original tweet was swiftly deleted and the Trump campaign eventually pinned the error on an intern, as one journalist reported:

Trump is hardly alone in making these gaffes. Earlier this year, it appeared a video put out by Rick Perry's political action committee, touting the former Texas governor's knowledge of military history, used a stock image of a Russian warship instead of an American vessel.

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