Indian protesters shout slogans in New Delhi as they protest the death sentence of convicted bomb plotter Yakub Memon, a key plotter of the bomb attacks which killed hundreds in Mumbai in 1993, on July 27. (Money Sharma/AFP/Getty Images)

Indians are arguing about whether Yakub Memon, a former accountant convicted of planning bombings in 1993 in Mumbai, should be hanged Thursday morning.

The Supreme Court dismissed a new last-minute plea by Memon on Wednesday, even as a sustained campaign by some Indians in the past week applied pressure against his execution.

Some argued that Memon had collaborated with Indian investigators and furnished critical evidence. Others said that there may have been some unwritten assurance given to Memon that he would be spared the gallows in return for information. Some said that it was simply inhumane to send a man to death.

“This is a huge disappointment and a setback,” said Asaduddin Owaisi, a Muslim lawmaker. He said that the bombings were a reprisal attack for the bloody Hindu-Muslim rioting in Mumbai. “In the Mumbai riots of 1992 and 1993 where 900 people were killed, only three people were convicted. What about their closure? What about justice to them?”

Gulabrao Patil, a member of the Hindu nationalist party Shiv Sena, said politicians who called for Memon’s mercy are “anti-nationals.”

On Wednesday, a young man who lost his mother in the bombings also met officials in Mumbai and circulated a signature petition that called for Memon’s execution.

"Yakub should be hanged," Tushar Deshmukh told reporters as he handed a mass petition signed by 1,600 family members of the victims to politicians. “The families have suffered. We demand that the death sentence be carried out."

Here is a sample of what Indians said on Twitter on the matter:

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