BEIJING — Does something about that swelling piano prelude sound a little familiar, a little "Frozen" perhaps?

Chinese netizens sure think so.

Just days after the Chinese capital won the right to host the 2022 Olympic Games, people here are questioning whether one of event's theme songs, "The Snow and Ice Dance," was inspired by Disney ballad "Let It Go" rather than, say, the majesty of Zhangjiakou's muddy peaks.

Questions about possible plagiarism started a few months ago on a Quora-like forum,, and were picked up this weekend by in a now-deleted post.

Readers at both sites noted similarities in melody and meter, with some posting side-by-side comparisons of the tunes.

As anyone who has been within four feet of a child in the last two years well knows, the ice-themed anthem is dangerously catchy — so catchy, in fact, that it was translated into multiple languages, including Chinese.

It is not surprising, then, that Chinese "Frozen" fans' ears perked up when they heard the Olympic ode's opening section.

Given how much the 2022 Games mean to the government, and their sensitivity to any type of criticism, it will be interesting to see if they respond to the allegations, or just, well, let it go.

Gu Jinglu reported from Beijing