Vladimir Putin's domestic popularity can be confounding for outsiders. His approval rating, recently put at 87 percent by the Levada Center, is the sort of thing other world leaders dream about. Even if you believe these numbers are politically influenced, it still seems like Putin enjoys the confidence of many Russians.

The rest of the world doesn't seem to agree, however.

New data released Wednesday by Pew Global Research paints a picture in which much of the world perceives Russia negatively, and Putin, as a person, even worse. Indeed, Putin's remarkable domestic approval ratings are almost the mirror image of his remarkable disapproval in countries such as Spain, Poland and France.

A closer look at the data shows just how widespread this lack of confidence in Putin was around the world. Of the 39 countries polled, Pew found only three where the majority of people felt "a lot of confidence" or "some confidence" that Putin would do the right thing regarding world affairs. Vietnam, a country with a historic link to Russia and one that Putin has courted, was one. China, a rising power with its own ambivalent relationship with the West, was another.

The last? Russia itself, where 66 percent of those polled said they had a lot of confidence in Putin.

Not every country had a strong opinion about Putin. In a number of countries, a large amount of respondents said they either didn't know or didn't want to answer: In Pakistan, for example, 56 percent refused to answer. However on the whole, things were more negative than positive for the Russian president, with a median of 58 percent saying they had no confidence he would do the right thing.

Interestingly, the median numbers of Putin seem to mirror those of Barack Obama. While many countries, especially those in the Middle East, had their doubts about the U.S. president, most had confidence in him.

Putin hasn't always been so unpopular: These numbers are from spring 2015, and looking over Pew's data from 2003, you can see that many countries once had a positive view of the Russian leader. At that point, 75 percent of Germans had confidence in Putin, for example. Nowadays it's 23 percent.

As his domestic popularity grew over the past few years, Putin became an unpopular figure on the world stage. This trend is particularly noticeable when you compare U.S. attitudes to Putin with Russian attitudes to Obama. Notably, the "reset" does appear to have had an effect, even if it was just a blip.

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