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China’s President Xi is ‘so cute,’ says world’s creepiest propaganda video

Prepare to be moved.

In a new video published online by the People's Daily, a Communist Party mouthpiece, ahead of Xi Jinping's landmark visit to the United States, a veritable United Nations of foreign students in China share their true love for President Xi, a.k.a "Xi Dada," or, roughly, "good old Uncle Xi."

The clip, titled "Who is Xi Dada?" and set to the gratingly upbeat music of a life insurance ad, cuts between interviews with various lovers-of-Xi, none of whom can say enough about the man.

A well-groomed American in a blue blazer says he has a copy of Xi's book and "would actually love to read it."

An Austrian in pink says Xi's face is "a little bit cute."

"Handsome, yah, he is super charismatic," gushes a woman from California, who adds that Xi came to her school and she "read him a poem."

Another woman ventures that she is looking for a husband — you guessed it — just like Xi Jinping.

Netizens were quick to poke fun at the propaganda effort, with many wondering how much the foreigners got paid — or indeed, if any amount would be enough.

The video follows hot on the heels of another state media hit in which foreigners shared their absolutely unbridled enthusiasm for China's military parade.

No word, yet, on a sequel.

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