Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi finished his Silicon Valley tour earlier this week, a visit that included a sit-down with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg at a town hall session.

In this clip that has gone viral in India, Modi pulls Zuckerberg aside in what appears to be an attempt to be in full view of photographers.

The moment is one that many Indians are familiar with — the prime minister has been known to be very camera-friendly, from his elaborate fashion statements to his love of selfies.

This wasn't the only notable event from Modi's whirlwind tour of Facebook's headquarters. During the town hall, he teared up as he talked about the struggles his mother endured when raising him.

"When I was young, to raise us she worked in neighbors' homes cleaning dishes, filling water ... There are [thousands] of mothers who have given up their whole lives for the dreams of their children. ... A mother never cares what you become. She cares who you become."

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